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Does Reddit Stop Counting Votes After 24 Hours?

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Regarding online communities and social media platforms, Reddit stands out as one of the most popular and influential websites. With its diverse range of communities, known as subreddits, Reddit allows users to share content, engage in discussions, and cast their votes on posts and comments. However, there has been a persistent question among Redditors: Does Reddit stop counting votes after 24 hours? In this article, we will delve into this topic and uncover the truth behind the vote-counting system on Reddit.

Does Reddit Stop Counting Votes After 24 Hours?

Reddit employs a voting system that allows users to express their opinions on posts and comments. Users can either upvote or downvote content, indicating whether they find it valuable. The vote count reflects the overall sentiment of the Reddit community towards a particular post or comment.
Contrary to popular belief, Reddit does not stop counting votes after 24 hours. The vote count remains active and continues to change based on user interactions. However, the visibility and prominence of a post may diminish over time due to the algorithm that determines the order of seats in a subreddit.

How Reddit’s Algorithm Works

Reddit uses a complex algorithm to determine the ranking and visibility of posts within a subreddit. This algorithm considers various factors, including the number of upvotes and downvotes, the submission time, and the post’s engagement. While the exact details of the algorithm remain undisclosed to prevent manipulation, it is designed to promote fresh and engaging content while ensuring a fair representation of the community’s preferences.

The Influence of Time on Post Visibility

As mentioned earlier, the visibility of a post may decrease over time, even if the vote count continues to change. This phenomenon can be attributed to the nature of Reddit’s algorithm. When a post receives significant upvotes within a short period, it will likely gain higher visibility and appear at the top of the subreddit. However, as time passes, newer posts overshadow the older ones, gradually pushing them down the subreddit’s feed.

It is important to note that the vote count still contributes to the overall ranking of a post. Posts with more upvotes are more likely to appear in a subreddit’s “Hot” or “Top” sections, increasing their visibility and reach. While the rate of vote accumulation may slow down over time, Reddit only partially recognizes votes cast after the initial 24-hour period.

FAQs About Reddit’s Vote-Counting System

Does Reddit freeze the vote count after 24 hours?

No, Reddit does not freeze the vote count after 24 hours. Votes continue to be counted and may influence the ranking and visibility of a post.

Can a post with fewer votes surpass one with more votes?

Yes, a post with fewer votes can surpass one with more votes regarding visibility. Reddit’s algorithm considers various factors, including time and engagement, to determine the ranking and prominence of a post.

Do downvotes have the same impact as upvotes?

Yes, upvotes and downvotes play a role in determining a post’s overall score and visibility. However, downvotes indicate a negative sentiment toward the content and may affect its ranking accordingly.

Can votes from new users carry the same weight as those from established users?

While Reddit’s algorithm does not explicitly favor votes from established users, it considers the overall engagement generated by a post. Higher concentration, including votes from new and established users, can increase visibility.

Is it possible to manipulate Reddit’s voting system?

Reddit has implemented measures to prevent manipulation of the voting system. Actions such as bots or coordinating voting efforts are against Reddit’s rules. They can result in penalties, including account suspension or subreddit bans.

Can posts with controversial topics receive more downvotes?

Posts with controversial topics may attract upvotes and downvotes, depending on the opinions of the Reddit community. The algorithm considers the overall score, which considers both upvotes and downvotes when determining the ranking and visibility of a post.


In conclusion, Reddit does not stop counting votes after 24 hours. The vote count remains active, contributing to a post’s overall score and visibility. However, the algorithm determining post ranking may prioritize fresh content, leading to diminished visibility over time. Understanding Reddit’s voting system and algorithm can help users navigate the platform more effectively and engage with the communities they are passionate about.
Remember, your vote matters the next time you encounter an interesting post on Reddit, regardless of the time since its submission. Keep engaging, sharing your opinions, and participating in the vibrant Reddit community!

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